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Studying Late Nights, On The Road Truckers?

Working Late Nights? Guess What.........I've Been There. Get Into The Game! Don't Just Stand On The Sidelines! Or Sit In The Lawnchair. Caffeinedaddy.comô has the products you need to keep you going.

If I don't have and you want it, let me know.

I will get it!

Keep Your Tank Full and body moving No Matter What You Are Doing!

Some of the Caffeinated brands include:

Foosh Caffeinated Mints, Buzz Bites Caffeinated Chocolate Chews, Perky Jerky, Joe Pokes Caffeinated Toothpicks, 357 Magnum Caffeine Pills, Costic Caffeinated Soap, Sumseeds Caffeinated SunflowerSeeds, Stay Alert Energy Gum, Gorilla Gum, Crackheads and Jitterbeans Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Many other Caffeine and Energy Pills, Diet Aids, and anything else that may be related to energy and caffeine.


From Caffeinated Gum to Energy Mints, Caffeinedaddy has all your Caffeine and Energy products at one stop. Need help staying awake or just an Energy boost? Have a sleep disorder or consume too much caffeine? check Caffeinedaddy out.

Some of the professions that have requested my help: Nursing, Police Officers, Fire Departments, Doctors, Factory Workers, Teachers, Truckers, Military, Office workers, and Stay at Home Moms.

Anyone who needs a pick me up or a bring me down can find something here.

Need to call in an order? 614-314-0455

My name is Jeff Foulke a.k.a. "CaffeineDaddy"