357 Magnum Caffeine Pills

357 Magnum Caffeine Pills
PEPTIME® 357 Magnum will restore wakefulness, increasing your mental alertness when you're experiencing fatigue or drowsiness. With this well-known and long-trusted energy caplet, you can eliminate your coffee, cola, or energy drink intake for that high energy boost you need. Each energy caplet contains the caffeine equivalent of a large cup of coffee or a single energy drink. Therefore, your work, play or study won't need to be interrupted when you get tired - you can keep going without stopping to buy that soda or coffee, or use the bathroom ten times. Each caplet of PEPTIME® Energy 357 Magnum contains 200 mg of pharmaceutical grade caffeine. Take one after lunch to avoid the "food coma", one after breakfast to eliminate the need for more coffee, or one in the evening for energy to help you get through the rest of your second shift. Now, in the event that you work third shift, one at midnight will give you the energyboost to get through those tough hours from 2-4am. Been there.....Done that!

357 Magnum Caffeine Energy Pills 500 Count Bottle
$26.99, 2/$49.99, 3/$71.99
$2.29, 10/$19.99