I am a proud supporter of the United States Military. Whether itís the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Prior Service, Veterans, or Family of ANY of the above, you have my support. I am prior service myself, serving in the U.S. Army, 82nd Airborne, from 1992-96.

Whether youíre training stateside, or are fighting overseas, Stay Safe.

United States Coast Guard Creed

I am proud to be a United States Coast Guardsman.

I revere that long line of expert seamen who by their devotion to duty and sacrifice of self have made it possible for me to be a member of a service honored and respected in peace and in war, throughout the world.

I never, by work or deed, will bring reproach upon the fair name of my service, nor permit others to do so unchallenged. I will cheerfully and willingly obey all lawful orders.

I will always be on time to relieve, and shall endeavor to do more, rather than less, then my share. I will always be at my station, alert and attending to my duties.

I shall, so far as I am able, bring to my seniors solutions, not problems. I shall live joyously, but always with due regard for the rights and privileges of others.

I shall endeavor to be a model citizen in the community in which I live. I shall sell life dearly to an enemy of my country, but give it freely to rescue those in peril.